Best EE deals: The best EE phone contracts offers, SIM-only deals and broadband bargains this August

Flora Baker Max Figgett
1 Aug 2022

We reveal all of the best phone, SIM-only and broadband EE deals for new and existing customers this August

The best EE deals give you access to the fastest overall mobile network in the UK, with plenty of goodies thrown on top for good measure. The mobile network is currently serving up some stunning savings on its SIM-only plans, home broadband and phone contracts for the latest, greatest smartphones. 

EE has slashed the monthly price of some of the finest handsets and thrown in fistfuls of data to get you streaming, browsing and gaming. But which deal should you choose? To help you find the best bargains, we've rounded them up below.

Get a SPECTACULAR SIM-only saving for three months

EE has chopped 50% off the price of its 160GB of data plan. That means you'll pay just £12.50/mth for three months before the price rises to £25/mth for the remaining 21 months. And there's an added sweetener: you'll also get two years of Netflix, BT Sport Ultimate, Apple Music or Apple TV+. That's a bargain bundle.
50% off for three months

The best phone contract EE deals

1. Oppo A54 5G with 40GB of data for £36/mth PLUS two free years of Netflix, Apple Music or BT Sport Ultimate

The Oppo A54 5G is a budget handset that offers a lot of bang for your buck. A 5,000mAh battery will keep the 6.5in LCD display on for longer than most, while a triple rear camera will produce decent snaps for the price. This delicious EE deal gets you 40GB of data and the 64GB version of the handset in black for £36/mth, as well as 24 free months of Netflix, Apple Music or BT Sport Ultimate. 

Contract length: 24 months; Storage: 64GB; Upfront fee: £0; Colours available: 1

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2. iPhone SE 3 (2022) with 100GB of data for £46/mth PLUS two free years of Netflix, Apple Music or BT Sport Ultimate

We're fans of the updated iPhone SE's pocket-friendly design, 5G compatibility, impressive performance and excellent camera. In this deal, you'll get the 64GB version of the handset with 100GB of data for £46/mth, plus two free years of Apple Music, Apple TV+ or BT Sport Ultimate. An upfront cost of just a tenner applies. Even better, you can chop £4 off your monthly phone bill if you trade in an iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X in good working order.

Contract length: 24 months; Storage: 64GB; Upfront fee: £10; Colours available: 3

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3. Google Pixel 6 with 100GB of data for £47/mth

Our favourite Android smartphone marks a massive leap forwards for Google. In our review, we praised the Pixel 6’s camera and Tensor chipset, noting that it's a great-value phone. EE is offering the 128GB version of the handset with 100GB of data for £47/mth on a two-year plan.

Contract length: 24 months; Upfront fee: £10; Storage: 128GB; Colours available: 3

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4. Samsung Galaxy S22 with unlimited data for a JAW-DROPPING £50/mth

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has hit the shelves and EE has a spectacular deal for you: the 128GB model of the handset with unlimited data for £50/mth on a two-year plan, with £30 upfront. That's down from its usual price of £64/mth, which means that you'll be saving a scarcely believable £336 over the course of the two years.

Contract length: 24 months; Storage: 128GB; Upfront fee: £30; Colours available: 4

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5. Sony Xperia 1 III 5G with 100GB of data for £53/mth

 We praised the Sony Xperia 1 III's exceptional camera array, pinpoint-accurate screen and statuesque 21:9 aspect ratio in our original review. For a limited time, EE is offering the chance to pick up the 256GB version of the handset with 100GB of 5G data for £53/mth on a two-year plan, down from the usual £57/mth.

Contract length: 24 months; Storage: 256GB; Upfront fee: £30; Colours available: 1

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The best SIM-only EE deal

Get 160GB of data HALF PRICE for three months

This is one of the best EE SIM-only deals we've ever seen: 160GB of data for 50% less (£12.50/mth) for the first three months of a two-year contract. The price will then rise to £25/mth for the remainder of the plan, but you'll also be getting either 24 months of free Netflix, BT Sport Ultimate, Apple Music or one of EE's own-brand goodies. 

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The best home broadband EE deals

Get a mobile data boost and a PHENOMENAL saving of £48

If you've taken advantage of one of the deals above, EE is willing to give loyal customers with pay-monthly phone plans a further 10% off their broadband contracts. Plus, plenty of EE’s broadband and fibre packages will boost your monthly data allowance by up to 20GB when signing up. Here's a rundown of EE's current broadband deals, with the first two currently reducted by £2/mth for an overall saving of £48.

PlanDownload speed (Mbits/sec) Price per
Fibre Plus74£30
Full Fibre Max 100100£32
Full Fibre Max 500500£43
Full Fibre Max Gigabit900£54


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The best mobile broadband EE deals

As well as the home broadband packages above, EE also offers 5G and 4G mobile broadband via its four different routers. The benefits are blistering 5G speeds and incredibly easy setup: just plug in the router and start surfing. However, before you begin, we recommend checking that your home is covered by EE's 5G network via its handy tool.

The company serves up a huge range of monthly data allowances, but we've focused on two unlimited deals below.

  1. Unlimited 4G data for £50/mth with £0 upfront on an 18-month contract
  2. Unlimited 5G data for £50/mth with £50 upfront on an 18-month contract 

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