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Amazon Kindle 3 review

David Ludlow
11 Oct 2010
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It’s cheap, the hardware is fantastic and the range of books is brilliant. These are all enough to overlook the minor annoyance of no ePub support.


Follow this link if you're looking for the new keyboard-less Amazon Kindle 4 (2011).

After its dalliance with providing the Kindle from an International store, Amazon has decided that for its latest model it will ship a UK-specific model. While that's of interest in itself, it's perhaps the price that's the most astonishing thing: the 3G model (WiFi is also included) here is just £149, but those on a tighter budget can buy the WiFi-only model for just £109.

If you think that corners have been cut to get the price down, you'd be wrong. While the third generation Kindle is made from plastic, it feels incredibly well-built. At 247g, it's both light enough to carry everywhere, but heavy enough to feel tough.

Even so, we recommend buying a carry case to protect the screen. There are two official versions available: the standard leather ones cost £30, while the case with the built-in light that's powered by the Kindle costs £50.

Amazon Kindle

The 6in screen is fantastic. It has a resolution of 600x800 pixels, making text look sharp. It's the new E Ink Pearl screen, with 16-levels of greyscale an better contrast, so reading in any condition is simple. While Sony has decided to fit its latest Readers, such as the PRS-650, with touchscreen displays, Amazon has stuck with a standard screen and regular control buttons.

In practice this makes very little difference to use. Page-turn buttons are located on both sides of the screen for left- and right-handed people. They're perfectly positioned, and turning pages is quick thanks to the responsive screen.

Amazon Kindle

Underneath there's a standard keyboard, which you can use to enter notes on books, search for text and, most importantly search the Kindle store. This is the real beauty of the Kindle: the integrated store. Directly from the device you can download new books and pay for them through the associated Amazon account.

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