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Best dog food 2022: Give your pooch the best wet and dry food

Jade Vincent
18 Mar 2021

Give your pup a nutrient-rich diet with our pick of the tastiest wet and dry dog food

Aside from plenty of cuddles and toys, the most important thing you can give your four-legged friend is a nutritious and well-balanced diet. Choosing a dog food with a high meat content as well as a hearty mix of grains, vegetables and fruits is crucial for your dog’s health and happiness.

But how can you tell if your canine is getting the right nosh? A healthy pooch has bright eyes, a shiny dandruff-free coat, plenty of energy and a lack of excess body fat (that means you can feel their ribs). Another telltale sign that they’re getting a balanced diet is that they produce firm, brown stools.

However, navigating through the minefield that is dog food (dry kibbles, meaty chunks, hypoallergenic pellets...) is a real task in itself. So, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about dog food in our buying guide below. Once you’ve got to grips with choosing the right grub, scroll a little further to find our bite-sized reviews of the best dog food.

How to choose the right dog food

What is the best dog food?

In our opinion, the best dog foods are rich in protein with a balanced mix of fibre and carbohydrates. It may also surprise you to hear that dogs – dissimilar to cats who are strict carnivores – can gain valuable nutrients from grains, vegetables and fruits, as these food groups help them to grow and stay in good shape as they get older.

Overall, we’d advise you to choose a dog food that’s got a high meat content and is free from artificial colours and flavourings (even if it costs a little more). There’s also the option to buy hypoallergenic or grain-free dog foods, which are great for pups that suffer from food intolerances or sensitive stomachs.

Should I buy a complete or complementary dog food?

We’d always opt for a “complete” dog food since these provide your pooch with all the nutrients and energy it needs for the day ahead. All “complementary” dog food needs to be served alongside a complete food for your dog to get a balanced diet. But don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of tasty and healthy “complementary” treats that you can serve your pup as a daily reward.

What’s the difference between wet and dry dog food?

Your pup will enjoy tucking into wet dog food because it consists of meaty chunks in a gravy or jelly. Its high water content is particularly great for senior dogs that require more hydration but this also means your pup needs to eat more food to get enough nutrients (which is less cost effective).

In comparison, it needs less dry dog food to get a complete diet as its low water content frees up space for protein, carbs and other high-quality ingredients. Dry dog food tends to have a long expiry date, can easily be stored and is cheaper than buying wet dog food too.

The best dog food

1. James Wellbeloved Turkey & Rice: Best dry dog food

Price: £35 (7.5kg) | Buy now from Pets At Home

Is your pooch a fan of dry dog food? This complete mix from James Wellbeloved is our favourite because of its high meat content. The manufacturer has created a simple but tasty recipe that takes care of all your pup’s nutritional needs, even if they’ve got digestive issues and skin conditions. What’s more, you can rest assured that this hypoallergenic dog food is free from ingredients that can lead to food intolerances in sensitive canines; it’s made from natural, hearty ingredients that your dog will love.

Each dry kibble consists of a minimum of 26% turkey, which makes it a great source of protein, and there’s plenty of carbohydrates thanks to the addition of pearl rice and crunchy oats. Plus, with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids your pup will have a glossy and shiny coat in no time. We also think that the dry mix is reasonably priced for a 7.5kg bag; depending on the size of your pooch, a bag can last anywhere between six and eight weeks.

Key info - Type: Dry; Diet: Complete; Protein content: 26%; Grain-free: No; Hypoallergenic: Yes; Weight: 7.5kg.

Buy now from Pets At Home

2. Lily’s Kitchen Grain-free Multipack: Best wet dog food

Price: £25.99 (12 x 400g) | Buy now from Amazon

Chicken and turkey casserole sounds tasty, right? We’re sure your pooch will enjoy tucking into Lily’s Kitchen’s delicious menu of complete wet dog food. All flavours of this grain-free dog dish are easily digestible and made from a mix of freshly prepared meat, vegetables, fruit and herbs – no bad cuts of meat, cheap fillers or nasties in sight. That means you can be sure your furry friend is getting a healthy and balanced meal.

In fact, the Wild Campfire Stew Dish has an incredibly high meat content of 65% (the other flavours total 60%) alongside a healthy portion of potatoes, butternut squash and apple.

Whether you’re “serving” wild campfire stew, cottage pie or even Sunday lunch, your pup is in for a real treat with Lily’s Kitchen. Most dog parents claim to feed their pooch one tin a day (half in the morning and the rest at night), however, this all comes down to the size, age and breed of your dog.

Key info - Type: Wet; Diet: Complete; Protein content: 60-65%; Grain-free: Yes; Hypoallergenic: No; Weight: 12 x 400kg.

3. Orijen Adult Original Dry Food: Best grain-free dog food

Price: £69 (11.4kg) | Buy now from Amazon

It goes without saying that you get what you pay for, and that’s just as true with dog food. The Orijen Original Dry Dog Food may be the priciest meal on our list but its protein-packed biscuits are a saviour for hounds that struggle with digestive issues. Broken down, 80% of its grain-free kibbles are made up of wild salmon, free-run chicken and turkey (which is suitable for human consumption), while the rest consists of healthy fruits and vegetables that replace the corn or wheat that can upset your pooch’s stomach.

Another unique selling point? The Orijen Adult Original Dry Food is suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds: simply adjust the serving size to suit the weight of your pup. Overall, Orijen is a trustworthy dog food brand that delivers tasty nosh that’s brimming with goodness. What’s more, were sure your furry friend will love it too!

Key info - Type: Dry; Diet: Complete; Protein content: 80%; Grain-free: Yes; Hypoallergenic: Yes; Weight: 11.4kg.

4. Barking Heads Dry Puppy Food: Best dog food for puppies

Price: £33 (6kg) | Buy now from Amazon

There’s pet grub for puppies, adults and seniors… we can’t blame you for thinking that’s another minefield to navigate. However, it’s actually quite simple. Puppies (dogs aged 0-12 months) require specific nutrients that differ from those required by older dogs. This is to help them grow healthily and happily; after all, you’ll want to look after the newest member of your family.

So, let us introduce you to Barking Heads Dry Puppy Food. Offering a complete diet, these dry biscuits consist of salmon, chicken and egg (which adds up to 60%) alongside starchy potato, peas, tomato and carrot. Vets have approved the kibble for promoting strong teeth and bones, aiding brain development and supporting a healthy immune system thanks to its blend of rich veggies. The Barking Heads Puppy Food’s recipe is also careful not to irritate your puppy’s stomach.

Key info - Type: Dry; Diet: Complete; Protein content: 60%; Grain-free: Yes; Hypoallergenic: No; Weight: 6kg.


BETA’s dog biscuits are tailored to young dogs, to give them all the required nutrients they need. Such essentials include Natural Prebiotic to aid digestive health, antioxidants to boost natural defences and DHA, which is essential for growth. Furthermore, these biscuits don’t have any artificial colours, preservatives, or flavours, so you can rest assured that there are no pesky detrimental ingredients amongst the beneficial ones. Amazon £28 Buy Now

5. Royal Canin Vet Diet Canine Hypoallergenic dog food: Best hypoallergenic dog food

Price: £41 (7kg) | Buy now from Pets at Home

If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic dog food catering for pups that suffer from sensitive skin conditions, food intolerances or problems with stomach or bowels, the Royal Canin Vet Diet Canine dry biscuits are just the ticket. Royal Canin has worked in partnership with vets, universities and breeders to create tasty kibbles that deliver your dog’s nutritional needs without any irritation; that means it’s free from traces of wheat, dairy, gluten or beef.

Royal Canin uses a complex mix of easily digestible ingredients to minimise allergies and protect your dog’s skin barrier, while the addition of many omega-3 fatty acids will leave your pup with a shiny coat and a healthy digestive system.

However, we’d advise that you ask a vet before you serve your pooch its hypoallergenic kibbles to be sure it’s the right fit for your dog. If so, gradually introduce the dry biscuits into your dog’s diet.

Key info - Type: Dry; Diet: Complete; Protein content: 60%; Grain-free: Yes; Hypoallergenic: No; Weight: 6kg.

Buy now from Pets at Home

6. Pooch & Mutt Slim and Slender dry dog food: Best dog food for weight loss

Price: £39 (10kg) | Buy now from Amazon

This complete dry dog food from Pooch & Mutt was formulated for overweight dogs that need help shifting excess body fat. Its kibbles are packed full of free-run British chicken that’s naturally high in L-carnitine, which is a fat burning protein, as well as sweet potato for healthy digestion, pea protein to keep your pup feeling fuller for longer and other nourishing ingredients that support a quick metabolism and healthy joints.

Our thoughts? The Pooch & Mutt Slim & Slender biscuits are rich in protein with a low calorie and fat content, which is a winning formula for dog weight loss. What’s more, Pooch & Mutt makes all its pet grub in the UK using the very finest ingredients, so you can be sure your dog is getting a hearty and nutritious meal without any nasty fillers.

Key info - Type: Dry; Diet: Complete; Protein content: 45%; Grain-free: Yes; Hypoallergenic: No; Weight: 6kg.

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