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This Vodafone SIM-only Black Friday deal is UNMISSABLE

Jane Hoskyn
26 Nov 2021

Grab a 100GB data Vodafone SIM in a cashback deal from Affordable Mobiles this Black Friday

Black Friday's SIM-only deals just keep getting better. Try this one for size: Affordable Mobiles is offering a 12-month cashback package that'll give you a 5G-ready 100GB Vodafone SIM for a mere £9.83 per month.

Buy now from Affordable Mobiles

As you'd expect, this Vodafone SIM's 100GB monthly data comes with unlimited texts and minutes, and is 5G-ready.

Vodafone has proved itself a winner when it comes to fast 5G, as you'll discover from our in-depth Vodafone review.

And there's more: data speeds are uncapped for smooth streaming, and tethering is included, so you can use your phone as a hotspot when needed. Vodafone also gives you three free months of antivirus plan Secure Net (normally £1/mth), plus VeryMe membership for cinema discounts and other offers.

Buy now from Affordable Mobiles

This Vodafone bargain is a cashback deal, which effectively pays the discount back to you, rather than taking it off the price in the first place. It's a redemption deal, which means that you'll need to send off vouchers four times over the course of the contract in order to claim the cashback – it's worth reading the full terms and conditions for details on when these will need sending.

If you'd rather keep things simple and just want a great headline price, then Three is offering a very similar 100GB SIM for £12/mth. That's only £1.50 more than the Vodafone deal, and this time there's no small print about cashback.

The Three deal is 5G-ready and gives you 100GB data per month, unlimited mins/texts, personal hotspot and roaming. Like the Vodafone deal it's a 12-month contract, and costs £144 over its lifetime.

Find out more about Three in our latest in-depth Three review, and head to our roundup of the best SIM-only deals to size up the latest competition.

Buy now from Three

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